Area guide mark: greatly improving ease of use

The mechanism is a hybrid system to illuminate by LED and to indicate the reading area by the laser light.

Therefore, the center view and reading area can be clearly recognized, and the two-dimension code or barcode can be read easily.

The *DENSO WAVE is a patented device. (JP3562395)

Superior scanning performance

Unique image-processing technology enables scanning of obscured, faint, or damaged barcodes


Wide range of scanning features

  • Point scanning mode: Pinpoint scanning even when there are multiple barcodes in the scanning area. 
  • 1D barcode reader mode: Equally quick barcode scanning when compared to 1D barcode scanners. 
  • Multi-row barcode scanning mode: Scan multiple rows of barcodes simultaneously.
  • Linked QR code batch scanning mode: Batch scanning of linked QR codes

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