BHT Browser

This web browser function creates task applications as web contents and then processes the tasks with the created contents residing on a server or in local files. It is especially useful in applications for warehousing, manufacturing, and retail commerce.

Save Time and Cost

Ready to implement without additional development. Supports popular file formats: HTML, XHTML, CSS, DOM, JavaScript.

Be Confident of Security

BHT Browser supports SSL and TLS encryption and incorporates advanced security protocols.

Expanded Functionality

JavaScript plug-in allows barcode scanning. Local file access allows you to link up with environments running programs developed by BHT-BASIC.

Download BHT Browser from QBdirect.

Operation Environment

System Requirement

OS (1)Windows® Vista(32bit), Windows® 7 (32bit/64bit [WOW64]), Windows® 8 (32bit/64bit [WOW64]), Windows® 8.1 (32bit/64bit [WOW64]), Windows® 10 (32bit/64bit [WOW64])
MemoryMemory required for normal operation of the above OS

Supported Model Series

BHT SeriesSystem Program VersionBHT Browser version
BHT-50xBW1.03 and laterAll supported
BHT-50xQWAll supportedAll supported
BHT-55xQWAll supportedAll supported
BHT-60xBW1.03 and later1.11 and later
BHT-60xQxWxAll supported1.11 and later
BHT-80xBWxAll supported1.30 and later
BHT-80xQWx1.01 and later1.30 and later
BHT-82xBWxAll supported1.30 and later
BHT-82xQWxAll supported1.30 and later
BHT-130xBWxAll supported1.34 and later
BHT-130xQWx1.02 and later1.34 and later

(1) This application is executed as Win32 application on Windows 7 (64 bits) using WOW64 (Windows 32-bit emulation on Windows 64-bit).
Intel® and Pentium® are registered trademarks of Intel Corporation. Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Android is a trademark of Google
**All specifications subject to change without prior notice.



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