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QRQR – QR Code® Reader

QR Code Reader app on Android

The QRQR Reader is the original and top-performing mobile app for reading any QR Code®, Frame QR® Code, and barcode. Its applications extend to every industry and it is totally free, with no ads. It replaces the former Q Reader app.

Features & Specifications

Performance Benefits

Fast and Flexible

Instantly scan QR Codes and barcodes. Read Frame QR® codes and QRQR Wi-Fi. You can preview websites and display confirmation messages. A history feature lets you read and delete past scans.

Quick Code Creation

Generate your own QR Codes using text, a URL, contact information, and/or a map.

Get More

When you register your account, you can transfer data from your app to other devices.

Launch from Other Apps

Compatible with URL Scheme. Launch command: qrqrq://

Kudos for Performance

User reviews say QRQR is “hands down the best QR Scanner App” and “Original QR reader from the original developer. The best.” 

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Supported Smartphones
Android(OS 4.4 or later) / iPhone (iOS 10 or later)
Supported Codes
2D CodesQR Code models 1 and 2 (GS1 format),Micro QR Code, FrameQR, and MapQR
BarcodesAN-13, EAN-8 (JAN-13 and JAN-8), UPC-A, UPC-E, and UPC/EAN with add-ons

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