Your ticket for efficiency in events and entertainment.

DENSO ADC helps your box office hum with information that informs and strengthens your marketing efforts.

Ticket and identity is verified

Capture customer information and eliminate fraud.

An event ticket often changes hands three or more times. With DENSO ADC systems for creating and monitoring QR codes, you can follow the chain of ownership every time it does. At event time, know who enters the building and be confident that counterfeiting is impossible. Our technology even offers the capability for advanced safeguards using facial authentication via Secure QR Codes (SQRC®).

Delight patrons. Increase concession sales. Drive attendance for future events.

Use automatic data power to communicate with patrons before, during and after the event. Traffic reports, ingress and egress advice, special offers on food, refreshments and souvenirs—all work to make the event experience memorable for attendees and profitable for you. You can also target-market upcoming events based on a ticket holder’s demonstrated preferences (kinds of sports, shows, musical genres, etc.).

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Home > Products > Scanners > Stationary Scanners > QB30QB30 Stationary ScannerThis compact, stationary scanner (USB or RS-232C connection) quickly reads 1D and 2D codes. Its primary applications are on conveyor lines in manufacturing and warehousing. It is...

QK30 / QK30-IC

QK30 / QK30-IC

QK30 is the only 1D and 2D code scanner in its class to offer programmable multicolored LEDs and play audio files.

BHT-1800 Series

BHT-1800 Series

This smartphone-type Android terminal provides superior visibility with a 5.0-inch LCD screen and front camera.

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