BHT Booster

BHT Booster

See an immediate increase in your ROI with this simple tool. BHT Booster lets you improve profitability with a choice of pre-loaded applications—or easily customize new applications and take your business to the next level.

Drive efficiencies. Reduce errors. Solve data-collection issues.

BHT Booster brings added power to DENSO Barcode Handheld Terminals (BHT) running Android™ OS.  Choose from a selection of DENSO-developed applications for typical scenarios. Or start with a template and customize an application for your unique needs. You can even create applications from scratch, all through an intuitive, clickable interface on the terminal itself.  Best of all, BHT Booster requires no coding or programming skills to use—and it is totally free!

Download BHT Booster at QBdirect.

Get a Boost Immediately

You’ll waste no time in seeing results. Simply download and launch BHT Booster — then select one of six work routines:

  • Data collection
  • 1:1 verification
  • 1:N verification
  • Picking
  • Master data verification
  • Inventory 

As a registered DENSO user, you can easily create operations that require a master file by using samples available via QBDirect.


Empower everyone to solve problems.

  • Team members can create applications and test them right away.
  • No development or software coding experience needed.
  • Easily customize applications using templates — or create new applications from scratch.
  • Ensure security by simply locking the settings
  • Clone by distributing configuration files to other BHTs.

Specify barcode data and file formats to fit your work

  • Barcode data extracting:
    • Fixed position and length
    • Comma/Tab Separated (CSV), Application Identifiers GS1
  • File format:
    • CSV
    • Ignore the first line (header row)
    • Divide with the fixed-length
  • Character encoding of a file:
    • UTF-8, Shift-JIS and others
  • Avoid collision/repetition of result file names:
    • Add a sequential number
    • Add the device number and date/time

Want more productivity? Try these applications.

  • BHT Link and BHT DMS let you easily transfer master-data and operation-result files over a network.
  • Application Launcher lets you change the display name of BHT Booster on the home screen to suit your business.

Operation Environment


OS Version

BHT-1700Android 7.1.2
BHT-1800Android 7.1.2
BHT-M80Android 10



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