Transportation & Logistics

Your business has a stake in its productive assets before they arrive at your facility and after they leave. DENSO ADC helps you take the unknowns out of your supply chain.

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Know your pipeline.

Whether you rely on highways, railways, airways or waterways, DENSO ADC provides the tools to see at every point in the pipeline. To keep production humming, you know where materials are and when they arrive. To keep customers satisfied, systems document when goods are delivered and received.

Feel the rhythm of sales.

In the truck? On the dock? In the customer’s mailbox? Every point represents a vital piece of information for the flows of goods and revenue. Tracking these flows becomes a natural part of your operations with the right tools for receiving, inspection, stocktaking, and delivery management. DENSO ADC makes it happen.

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Forklift driver loads a pallet into a truck container

Featured Products

BHT-1700 Series

BHT-1700 Series

This Android terminal boasts a numeric keypad for user-friendly, one-handed operability, making it ideal for warehousing and manufacturing.

BHT-1800 Series

BHT-1800 Series

This smartphone-type Android terminal provides superior visibility with a 5.0-inch LCD screen and front camera.

SF1 Series

SF1 Series

SF1 is DENSO’s wearable, durable, wireless scanner for dependable, extended operation. Ideal for healthcare, manufacturing, and warehousing.

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