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BHT Windows Simulator

This software supports the development and debugging of other programs in non-production environments via a virtual BHT running on a PC. It is useful for applications in retail, warehousing, and manufacturing.


Requires Microsoft Windows® Virtual PC and Visual Studio 2008 Professional to be operable in your environment (does not run on Windows® 8/10).

Supported Terminals

Use with BHT-1400 series, BHT-1300 series, and BHT-1200 (Windows® Embedded Compact 7) series

Download BHT Windows Simulator at QBdirect.

System Requirement

OSWindows® 7 (32bit Ver.)
CPUIntel®, AMD®, and VIA® processors supporting virtualization with the aid of hardware
Memory2.0GB or more of free space
HDD20 MB and 1.2 GB free space on the hard disk for installing Windows Virtual PC and a BHT-Windows simulator, respectively

Supported Model Series

BHT-1400 Series (6)
BHT-1300 Series
BHT-1200 Series (Windows Embedded Compact 7)

(1) The tool assumes that Microsoft Windows® Virtual PC and Visual Studio 2008 Professional are operable in your environment (cannot run on Windows® 8/10.)
(2) BHT-1406QIWBG is not supported.

**All specifications subject to change without prior notice.



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