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BHT Device Management System

Software for Windows OS and Android OS

This software provides a client application for terminals and a management application for PC. With it you can manage the terminal, update the OS and applications, execute a master file and transmit the results file. It has applications for healthcare and pharma, warehousing and manufacturing, and retail.

Reduced Workload

Centralized management via a network eases requirements of system administrators.

No Information Delays

System administrators can better manage terminal functions with real time information.

Multiple Functions

Manage terminal information for different kinds of terminals, update applications and operating systems, and execute the master file and transmit the results file.

Download Device Management System at QBdirect.




Registering devices information Show the information of registered devices
(serial number, IP address, battery voltage)
Connection StatusAn icon displays a wireless LAN connection state of the device
Setting Update Change terminal setting
(Wi-FI Settings)
RegistrationRegisters the devices collectively from a CSV file
Application, OS Version ManagementUpdate OS and application
Group ManagementSetting every group
CommunicationMessage transmission and reception
Remote AccessCooperate Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) application
SecurityPassword lock
Password lock using the GPS (1)
Device initialization
AlertDevice search function
Device SearchAlarm operation at the time of the terminal loss
Application cooperation View information of other application on the host computer application

(1) Workable without network connection. (Only Android model is targeted.)

Operation Environment

System Requirement

OS (1)Windows® 7 (32 bits/64 bits (WOW64)), Windows® 10 (32 bits/64 bits [WOW64])
CPUMinimum Core i5 3.0GHz
MemoryMemory required for normal operation of the above OS
HDD100GB or more of free space

Supported Model Series

Model SeriesModelOS
BHT-1800BHT-1800QWB-1-A7, BHT-1800QWB-2-A7, BHT-1800QWB-3-A7, BHT-1800QWBG-1-A7, BHT-1800QWBG-2-A7,BHT-1800QWBG-3-A7Android™7.1.2
BHT-1700BHT-1700QWB-1-A7, BHT-1700QWB-2-A7, BHT-1700QWBG-1-A7, BHT-170QWBG-2-A7, BHT-1700QLWB-P-A7,BHT-1700BWB-1-A7Android™7.1.2
BHT-1600BHT-1600BWB-A6-S, BHT-1600QWB-A6-RS, BHT-1600BWBG-A6-S, BHT-1600QWBG-A6-RSAndroid™6.0
BHT-1400BHT1461BWB-CE, BHT1461QWB-CE, BHT1461QWB-CE-OWindows Embedded Compact 7
BHT-1300BHT-1361BWB-CE, BHT-1361QWB-CEWindows Embedded Compact 7
BHT-1200BHT-1261BWB-CE, BHT-1261QWB-CEWindows Embedded Compact 7
BHT-1261BWB-CE, BHT-1261QWB-CE, BHT-1281QULWB-CEWindows Embedded CE6.0 R3

(1) This application is executed as Win32 application on Windows 7 (64 bits) using WOW64 (Windows 32-bit emulation on Windows 64-bit).

Intel® and Pentium® are registered trademarks of Intel Corporation. Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Android is a trademark of Google

**All specifications subject to change without prior notice.



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