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Facial Authentication SQRC

Facial Authentication

Now you can use DENSO’s patented technology for QR codes to provide identity verification that is quick, secure, and convenient. The software’s many applications include financial transactions, event admission, and authentication of attendees for standardized tests as well as user authentication in manufacturing and retail settings.

As Unique as a Fingerprint

Touchless Ease

A smartphone captures the user’s image and encrypts it. The software stores the information via Secure QR code and the user simply displays the code at the transaction to verify his or her identity.

Industry Proven

DENSO’s patented SQRC technology provides greater security than traditional QR codes, for strongest resistance to fraud. Its application for facial recognition was first proven in the banking industry, bringing ease of use for customers and added efficiency for banking operations.

Offline Security and Economy

Facial data is stored in the code and is not retained in a server or other device. Because authentication is performed offline, it avoids the security risk present in online systems. Since it does not require large capital outlays for hardware, DENSO’s face authentication is affordable for the widest range of users and applications.

Product Lineup / Development Steps

You can select an optimum application that best suits your desired system

You can select an optimum application for SQRC generation and authentication that best suits your desired equipment configuration and system.

Development steps

Step 1:  Determine which system you need.

Work with a system integrator to decide on a system and the equipment configuration you wish to build.

Step 2. Choose a package that best suits the system and equipment configuration chosen.

The following applications are available.


Product Lineup
Face Authentication SQRC Customization ToolDLL that will be embedded into the customer’s business application. One DLL is needed for each business application. Note: Android™ version DLL differs from the Windows® version DLL. If you are using both OS for the same applications, you must purchase both versions of DLL. Each license sold separately.Android
Face Authentication SQRC Generation LicenseA license required for activating the application created in using the Customization Tool above and generating Face Authentication SQRCs. The license is necessary for each terminal used for generating SQRCs.Windows
Face Authentication SQRC Authentication LicenseA license required for collating between SQRCs and photographed faces for authentication using the application created using the Customization Tool above. (The QR-coded feature values will be collated with those of the photographed faces.) A separate license is required for each terminal used for authentication.Android
Face Authentication SQRC Generation/Authentication LicenseA combined license that covers SQRC Generation and Authentication Licenses. The license is required when a terminal is used for both SQRC generation and authentication. A separate license is required for each terminal used.Windows
SQRC MakerSoftware required for generating SQRCs. The software needs to be purchased for each terminal used.Windows
SQRC SettingSoftware required for setting a key for SQRC reading (decryption code) for a handy terminal or a scanner that is used. The software needs to be purchased for each terminal used.Windows


  • Pay due consideration to the privacy of persons subject to the authentication process when introducing and implementing the face authentication technology.
  • Handle facial data (face photographs and facial feature data) carefully as personal information.
  • Explain to persons subject to the authentication process the purpose of using the face collation system, the data handling method, and other necessary matters concerning the system when introducing it.
  • Obtain agreement from persons subject to the authentication process when registering their facial data.
  • In the case of a large-scale system that handles a great volume of facial information, consider conducting a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA); and Although facial data (facial feature point information) used for offline authentication is encrypted and access to the data is restricted by SQRCs, make sure to handle the data carefully as personal information.

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