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BHT-BASIC 4.0 Remote Debugger

Use this tool to speed the debugging of software on a BHT. It is especially useful in retail settings, warehousing, and manufacturing.

Monitor the Executing Program

Set breakpoints to monitor the running state of a program on a BHT and perform single-line, stepwise execution. Allows you to check the value of variables and state of the stack for swift debugging.

Key Benefits

Collective Debugging

Manage multiple application programs as one workspace, even when switching between applications.

Note: You cannot debug the communication area (an optical communication port and connector) in the application program during communication with the BHT. However, you can debug it wirelessly.

High-Speed Transfers

Compress BHT application programs files for swift transfer and more rapid uploading and implementation.

Added Functionality

Get the optional BHT-BASIC compiler to build a BHT-BASIC source program.

Download BHT-BASIC4.0 Remote Debugger at QBdirect.

Operation Environment

System Requirement

OSWindows® 2000/XP, Windows Vista (32bit Ver.)
CPUCPU with Intel® architecture
MemoryMemory required for normal operation of the above OS
HDD5 MB or more of free space
Communication PortSerial port supporting communication speed of 115200 bps
Display800 x 600px or higher

Supported BHT Models

Version (1)
BHT-BASIC4.0BHT-300 SeriesAll versions
BHT-BASIC3.6 compatibleBHT-7000Ver. 2.03 or above
BHT-7500Ver. 1.26 or above
BHT-7500WVer. 1.04 or above
BHT-8000Ver. 1.02 or above
BHT-8000DVer. 1.03 or above
BHT-103QVer. 2.02 or above
BHT-102BVer. 2.03 or above
BHT-100BWAll versions
BHT-100QWAll versions

(1) Download the latest version from QB Direct (registration required)
**All specifications subject to change without prior notice.



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