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Security QR Code – SQRC®

Secure QR Code

This software solution allows you to create and read single codes that carry both public and private data. It is useful in applications for healthcare and pharma, for warehousing and manufacturing, for retail and logistics, and for events.

Features & Benefits

From the Inventor of the QR Code

Accessibility and Security

Public data is easily readable by a traditional QR scan. Private data requires a cryptographic key, keeping it secure from unauthorized access. Because it looks no different than a regular QR Code, it does not invite forgery and tampering.

Many Applications

Uses for SQRC® include: monitoring transactions to prevent forgery; ensuring authorized access to events and entertainment venues (e.g., amusement rides, theme parks, exhibitions); protecting patient privacy in health care settings.

Restricted Access

Enables strong safeguarding of private data by restricting the types of devices that can read it and the users authorized for those devices.

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