SQRC (Secret-function-equipped QR Code) is a new QR code with data reading restriction. Conventional QR code, which can be read commonly with a cell phone, has come in to use for various purposes. However, when a user wants to limit the data reading, complicated process is required such as data encryption before printing and data decryption after reading SQRC is a newly developed 2D code to solve such problems. It makes it easy to encode and use non-public information including personal information and in-house information by printing QR code with SQRC compatible printer marker and reading it with a special scanner. With the development of SQRC, 2D code is expected to be applied to new areas.

Difference between SQRC and QR code

  1. More efficient, more convenient
  2. QR code has boasted its space-saving feature and high capacity. However, some security concerns remain because any scanner can read the same information; therefore personal information and confidential information can be read through the process.
  3. SQRC can give specific information to a specific person because readable information can be controlled according to the device used, by changing public/non-public setting for the code information with a cryptography key. In addition, there is no need of encryption and decryption.

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